How to Receive in the Season of Giving

Dec 08, 2020

We are officially now in what some refer to as “the season of giving;” giving thanks, giving gifts, giving of yourself, time, resources. It stands to reason that if there is giving, there must be receiving. As I think about what it takes to receive, I wonder: why is it so much harder? Why do I judge myself for it? Why do I feel needy when I accept help from others? Maybe you can relate.

What I find so difficult about living with chronic conditions is acknowledging that my life is more than I can manage. I need assistance. Whether it’s financial, physical, emotional, or spiritual. I need others to make this life work. That sucks. I’d prefer to be more independent. But having needs does not mean I am needy. It’s just so much more comfortable to be the one who gives!

In this time when so many are feeling powerless, looking for ways to engage, to make a difference, it feels even better to give. My loved ones care about and want the best for me. When I have the courage to ask for what I need, I am providing them opportunities to give.  This has the potential to be a win/win: I’m getting some of my needs met, and others’ are given meaningful ways to contribute to my life and wellbeing. Learning to be a gracious recipient is a growth area for me.

The reality is, life demands both giving and receiving, just like breathing requires the inhale requires the exhale. So take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel okay about doing both!




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