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Living with pain and illness as your constant companion is hard.  I know, I live with them too.  I'm a writer, speaker, and wellness coach. My purpose it to find ways to infuse your days with more of the good stuff. Whether it's disrupting old patterns that don't serve, learning how to have more refreshing sleep, jumpstarting your creativity or discovering avenues of delight, I'm committed to increasing your quality of life. 

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A New or Changing Diagnosis

Have you received news about a difficult or worsening health condition? (click on photo)


 Chronic Illness(es)

 Are you living with one or more chronic conditions that impact your quality of life? (click on photo)


Chronic Pain

 Does persistent or daily pain limit your ability enjoy life or fully participate? (click on photo)

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Are you one of the millions struggling with a chronic health condition?


Do you find your energy, self-esteem, quality of life, or relationships suffering because of your health?  Are you looking for ways to feel better?

Me too.

Join me and the others I work with to transform. You are not your diagnosis. You can cultivate joy, reclaim quality of life in the midst of overwhelming odds, and find wellness in the midst of illness.


What folks are saying...


Robert S.

"She is a skilled communicator and coach who is able to work with people in difficult circumstances because she has been there herself. She doesn't ask what she isn't also willing to give. Working with her is a pleasure."

Matthew S.

"I’ve had the pleasure of participating in trainings and conference workshops led by Annette. She has the ability to invite you in to difficult topics and get your buy-in to have the crucial conversation. She leads with humor, good storytelling, and ways to make change now. "

Jenny W.

"She is present with you. Annette engages with a disarming warmth, realness, and deep wisdom that leaves you knowing you have made a real connection. You can’t help but feel moved, inspired and called to action. "

Featured Videos & Blog Posts

Path through a sand dune representing barriers for those of us with chronic pain.

Living the Biggest Life I can With Chronic Illness


A few weeks ago I had the tremendous pleasure of getting out of town for the weekend. My wife and I own a tiny motorhome and because she is able-bodied and willing to do so much of the (literal) heavy-lifting, hauling, and driving, that it takes to get us out of the house and set up, we are able to…

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Self Love as a Key to Wellness: Part 4


This is the fourth installment in series on self-love.  In this series I talk about the role self-love plays in health.  This video specifically explores the role of affirmations.  Many of us carry deep wounds – whether it is insecurity or trauma, at the core if we are low-key loathing ourselves, this feeds disease and inflammation.  Affirmations can play a role in contributing to self-worth, greater peace and…

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What are the Gifts of Chronic Illness?


What a strange and amazing question that might be to some.  What’s more amazing is how many answers I have to that question!  There have been so many, and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way.  The crazy-beauty of tremendous hardship is that as life deals us difficult blows it simultaneously hands us these radical blessings.  Yes, I must avail myself to them and be willing to clear the debris…

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