Are you one of the millions struggling with a chronic health condition?

Do you find your energy, self-esteem, quality of life, or relationships suffering because of your health?  Are you looking for ways to feel better?
Me too.

Join me and the others I work with to transform. You are not your diagnosis. You can cultivate joy, reclaim quality of life in the midst of overwhelming odds, and find wellness in the midst of illness.

"Annette engages her audiences with a disarming warmth, realness, and deep wisdom that leaves you knowing you have made a real connection. She is present with you. You can’t help but feel inspired, moved, and called to action. "

Jenny Walters
Marriage and Family Therapist


With a mix of humor and storytelling, Annette inspires audiences small and large with a practical and engaging workshop or keynote.


   Find fulfillment, increase your happiness, and start to live with greater ease and wellness today.  Book a series of coaching sessions with Annette.


  On-demand content you can access anytime it's convenient for you.  A variety of webinars and online courses are available.

"Encouraging and warm, Annette meets people where they are and helps them reveal a better version of themselves. She is a skilled communicator and coach who is able to work with people in difficult circumstances because she has been there herself. She doesn't ask what she isn't also willing to give. Working with her is a pleasure."

Robert Stalbow
Respiratory Therapist, Peacehealth Medical Group

If health is the absence of disease and wellness is the presence of wholeness, then no matter what your disease status, we can work toward your wellness, your wholeness.

Whether or not you are ever "healthy" on paper, you can be well.

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Join Annette and others on the path to chronic wellness.

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