What happened:

When I was 36 I got mono and never recovered. 


Three years later I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Sjogrens' Syndrome. I had to stop working a couple of years later as these illnesses shifted into a cluster of serious, then life-threatening autoimmune diseases.  I have polyarthritis, polymyositis (a muscle wasting disease), pulmonary fibrosis (17% lung function), Reynaud's syndrome, mixed connective tissue disease, chronic migraine, and a clotting disorder.

What began as something I thought I'd recover from has become progressive and chronic, living with illness and pain as my constant companions.

How Chronic Wellness began:

The IVig I was taking to save my life was giving me meningitis...


My journey took a harrowing turn when a life-saving treatment, IVig, unexpectedly caused meningitis, plunging me into months of isolation, and excruciating pain. Trying to take this all on while struggling for breath. This intense suffering forced me into a corner where I had no choice but to surrender to the experience. This letting go brought a cascade of profound transformation. I started learning to embrace every part of myself, healing deep-seated wounds and even altering my epigenetics.

In the darkest, loneliest moments, the words of an old hymn whispered in my heart, like a messenger of  resilience and peace: "When peace like a river attendeth my way... it is well, it is well with my soul."

This ordeal solidified my purpose: to find peace and wellness in my spirit and to help others find the same. It was at this moment Chronic Wellness was born.

My background

My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a queer artist and writer with activist values. 


I started my career as a sign language interpreter. After getting a master's degree in conflict resolution I went on to work in higher education as the director of services for students with disabilities, and later as a trainer on a federal education grant. I ended my career while working at the county as the manager for equity and training. The through-line in my professional life is communication and training.

Living with pain and illness as my traveling companions for more than a decade I've learned some things about how to enhance my quality of life.  How to do more with less.  How to create "positive buoyancy" in bodies that seem like they're trying to sink us. 

Pain and difficulty make it easy to forget that these skin suits are actually wired for pleasure.  I want to to join those who are struggling to find the path through chronic illness and pain.  Together we can develop a map for you to follow towards joy, wonder and increased vitality.


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The Chronic Wellness blog

Every couple of weeks I write a blog post.  It's a more in-depth way for me to explore some of these topics.

The Blog


Chronic Wellness on  YouTube 

I post weekly videos about keeping your spirit whole when your body isn't.  Check out some of my play lists.



The Chronic Wellness podcast

With more than 400, mini-sodes, I explore everything from sex, LTR, grief, and how to live well with chronic conditions.

The Podcast

Fun facts about me




Two magical dogs grace our home. One is a 75-pound pit bull named Deli.  Mabel is a 12-pound fraggle who is always calling for backup (her big sister). Both come when called for meals to a song entitled "All dogs on the rug."



My grandmother taught me when I was eight. I find it so meditative you’ll rarely catch me without needles in my hand. However, I don't need anymore knitted items! So, I'm always looking for friends who do.  Find me on Ravelry @flutteringby.




You supply me with a topic and I can spontaneously sing you a song about it with rhyming lyrics to the tune of either “The Love Boat” or “Pretty Woman.” Its great for parties or you can try it on our next call!

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