Living with Chronic Pain

It erodes our ability to live fully.

Pain chips away at our patience, energy, and capacity.  It shortens our fuse, and makes participating in the routines of  daily life a challenge.  At its worst, it incapacitates us completely.  Part of the difficulty of chronic pain is its unpredictability and the way it varies from day to day.  Learning how to live with chronic pain, how to accept it, and keep it from being the most prominent thing we focus on is part of the way we can carve out a little space for ourselves.

Below are a few resources I've collected for you about chronic pain.

Chronic Pain

Books that Help me Manage Chronic Pain 


Greetings my dears!  This week we’re digging in to one of the toughest and most frequently asked questions about living with chronic conditions – how to navigate chronic pain.  So tough, so entrenched, so much of an impact on every part of life and one’s ability to function, chronic pain is a many-faceted problem with no easy answers.  For me, my roots of chronic pain are fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue…

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A Formula for Enduring Acute Pain


The third time I got aseptic meningitis from medicines that were saving my life, I was in more pain than I knew how to endure.  That night, I awoke, in shock, shaking from pain, vomiting on myself, and in terror from the unbearable agony I was in.  Every nerve and fiber of my being felt inflamed and agitated.  How was I going to make it through the night… (this is one of a five part series about chronic pain)

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Tips for Living with Brain Fog


Brain fog, the vernacular for the dense cloud that muddies our thinking.  It seems to go along with chronic illness and pain like summer follows spring.  I notice it settling in as I grow more tired or as my pain ramps up.  But I can also just wake up and find it there, lingering like a cloud does at the top of a mountain; hovering and muddling my...
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Soul Comfort


Often when I am in pain, and depleted it is easiest to gravitate toward escape – to just numb out.  However, in the long run, and if pain is a near constant companion, this leaves me emptied out and un-resourced.  Pick a time when you are not feeling so worn out and think about what brings you true comfort, make a collage or list of the things that lift…

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